SHIELD Cutting Torch System #6500

  • 3,38500

The Petrogen SHIELD is an extremely portable and powerful cutting torch system which occupies the smallest possible footprint. An ergonomic steel frame safeguards the fuel tank, fuel hose, torch, and igniter . The exterior shields protect the equipment, especially important when dragging the system through confined space environments. The Shield is designed to use external oxygen sources and is compatible with oxygen bottles of any size.

The system includes a medical oxygen adapter, allowing operators to use O2 bottles with a medical CGA 870 valve. The Shield System is also compatible with the Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter and Exothermic Adapter (sold separately). The Shield uses the Petrogen 2 quart fuel tank, allowing 1.5 hours of continuous cutting of steel up to 14 inches thick. The Petrogen Shield is the ideal hot cutting solution for vehicle mounted operations, providing massive performance with the smallest possible space claim.


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