Scout Torch #6700

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The new Scout Torch (Part #6700) is the most powerful portable cutting torch in the world. Using just 2.5 cups of fuel, the Scout cuts for 30+ minutes on steel up to 14 inches thick . It's also ideal for heating and brazing. The system components are efficiently secured to the modular frame, which stands just 20 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep. The Scout is compatible with all oxygen regulators, and oxygen hoses and can be connected to any oxygen source (including liquid oxygen). The Scout Torch is small, convenient and easy to use. Simply fill the tank with 2.5 cups of fuel, connect to your preferred oxygen source, and start cutting.

Also see the Scout Torch Plus, Part #6800 and Scout Support Pack, Part #6900 for other options and additional supplemental equipment.




      • Liquid Fuel Torch (15 inch, 90 degree)
      • (1) Cutting Tip (choose tip size above)
      • Liquid Fuel Hose (10 foot)
      • Liquid Fuel Tank (.4 liter)
      • (1) Oxygen Quick Disconnects
      • Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
      • Heavy Duty Igniter
      • Adjustable Wrench
      • Tank carrier with torch and igniter bracket, and locking pins
      • Tool Kit
      • Maintenance Kit
      • Shade 5 Safety Glasses
      • Reference Manual & Training Video

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