SAR Torch MK2 System #6070

  • 6,99000

The new Search And Rescue Torch System, Part #6070, is Petrogen's most robust package. A structural steel frame safeguards and secures the oxygen, fuel and torch components in a space-efficient package ideal for Heavy Rescue operations. Two large locking equipment cabinets provide ample room for PPE, tools, and consumables. The SAR system has been designed to be stored in any orientation, stacked, and is crane or air liftable. For instances when the system must be carried over obstacles, the unit is equipped with convenient handholds to facilitate a 4-person lift. The SAR System includes the Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter and Advanced Multi-Fuel Hose as part of its standard equipment, enabling the use of diesel, kerosene, and nearly any other flammable liquid. A Filler Pigtail for oxygen trans-filling and Medical Yoke Adapter enabling the use of medical oxygen cylinders are also included as standard equipment. The system is designed around the standard 80 cubic foot oxygen bottle and is paired with the Petrogen 2 quart fuel tank, allowing for up to 1.5 hours of continuous cutting. The Petrogen Search And Rescue System is the ideal hot cutting solution for Heavy Rescue operators.


  • Search And Rescue Cart Assembly
  • Liquid Fuel Torch (20 inch, 90 degree)
  • Multi-Fuel Adapter Kit complete with Pelican Case
  • (12) Cutting Tips (4 x*83, 2x*5, 2 x *2, 2 x*HH2, 2 x*HH3)
  • Liquid Fuel Hose (50 foot)
  • Oxygen Hose (Whip Line - 50 foot)
  • Liquid Fuel Tank (2 quarts)
  • Pre-measured Fuel Filler Tanks (2 x 20 oz.)
  • (2) Fuel Quick Disconnects
  • (2) Oxygen Quick Disconnects
  • Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
  • Compact Oxygen Regulator (CGA 540)
  • Heavy Duty Fuel Igniter
  • Filler Pigtail
  • Medical Yoke Adapter
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Tool Kit
  • Adjustable Wrench (x2)
  • Safety Glasses, Shade 5 (x2)
  • Leather Cutting Gloves (x2 pair)
  • Reference Manual & Training Video

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